Baseball Batting Drills in the Batting Cage

There are a number of excellent baseball batting drills but I don’t want to list them all at once because each one needs a thorough explanation. You want to use these drills because they will make you a better hitter. You should always participate in hitting drills before you take live batting practice. Another way to look at it is that they will help you with your hitting mechanics before you ever step into the batter’s box.

You can literally practice these drills anywhere at any time: home, ball field, batting cages or the park.  If you have the right equipment it will be no problem.

We have briefly mentioned the following drill but never in detail. What you will need for this drill are baseballs, protective screens and either a batting cage or protective netting to hit the ball into. This is the underhand toss drill.

Instead of having the coach, parent or teammate kneel to the side of the hitting let’s do something different this time. Place the protective screen 10 feet or more away from the hitter with the netting maybe a foot away from the hitter. So, if you’re in a batting cage, the batter is positioned very close to the back netting.

The pitcher will then underhand toss the ball as level as possible to the hitter who will take his swings. The great thing about this drill is that you can underhand toss the baseball 10 times each to the outside, inside and down the middle of the plate. Practice hitting the ball to the opposite field, center field and right field. It all depends on where the ball is pitched.

The batter stands so close to the back of the netting because this will help teach him to have a more compact swing. If he doesn’t then he will surely hit the netting when he swings initially. This drill has been tested and proven to help hitters with their hitting mechanics and is considered one of the best baseball batting drills around.

I urge you to watch things like the Little League World Series and even the pros because you will see these tips in action.

My years of experience playing and teaching baseball hitting will help you with the challenge of learning how to hit a baseball correctly.  Articles such as the one you just read will inform and motivate you to a better understanding of proper baseball hitting whether you are a coach, parent or ballplayer.  Check back here for upcoming
baseball hitting tips articles and e-mail us any questions or comments.

Jeff Wise

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