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These Baseball Hitting Tips Will Make a Weak Hitter Competitive and a Good Hitter An All-Star!

Step By Step Guide To Help Hit A Baseball Better, Minimize Outs, And Quickly Become A More Confident Hitter. Dads Can Now Make Sure Their Sons Dominate!

Baseball Player HittingFrom the desk of Jeff Wise, Tuesday, 10:28 a.m

Dear Parent,

Are you frustrated because you’re child is striking out more than other players?

Does it concern you that they’ve been in a mental or mechanical hitting slump for weeks?

Or perhaps your kid’s a beginner and you just need the right tools to teach them how to hit.

Are you tired of the typical baseball hitting tips that just don’t work?

… Well then, keep reading!

Because I’m going to show you exactly how to hit a baseball correctly and how to achieve a better batting average

Just picture …

  • Shredding the baseball as they hit the baseball harder and farther
  • Automatically get out of a hitting slump fast
  • Putting immediate use to easy to understand fundamentals
  • Them having confidence to go to the batter’s box with a plan and execute to the best of your ability

Unfortunately, I see very few guys on the field who even come close to this level of success.

In fact, if your kid is one of the many who struggle, they may feel completely frustrated that their baseball hitting progress is taking too long Not to mention, it’s probably costing you too much money.

And you’re probably sick and tired of following every coach’s routine and locker room “expert’s” advice only to see no visible changes…month after month, right?

Well, you’re not alone! Unfortunately, a large percentage of batters who try to hit the ball farther and raise their batting average will NEVER see ANY significant changes on the field.

I have great news for you, though! The tools I have available promises to create an unbelievably easy experience for you and your child. With the techniques and approach I provide, there will be no more frustration due to poor instruction.

As long as you’re committed to a little work, my system will be a walk in the park. Read this book once and your child WILL become a better hitter.

The Same Batting Techniques That I Learned
While Playing Baseball 14 Years!

My name is Jeff Wise and I spent a large portion of my life playing baseball on highly successful teams.

I lettered all three years with my high school varsity baseball team as a first baseman and played in college too. I batted .300 and led the team in hits and RBIs most of my senior season. I won the most improved baseball player award.

I also played on all-star teams most of my life and played in critical games including winning two state championships.

Wise, who came into the game hitting over .400, stroked Young’s next pitch for an RBI single to right. In the sixth … Wise took a fastball away for ball one then blasted a towering drive over Strevel’s head and out to right.

Jeff has been steady for us all year,” Wildcat coach Nelson Glover said. “He put in a lot of work in the off-season and it’s producing good results during the season.” – The Oak Ridger, 1993

Wise-led Oak Ridge baseball squad clubs Campbell County.”

First baseman Jeff Wise carried the big stick for Oak Ridge, knocking in four runs.” – The Oak Ridger, 1993

William Rector was felled by Oak Ridge’s final blow of the game, a grand slam homer by Jeff Wise.” – The Oak Ridger, 1993


I also used to work around MLB stars, elite athletes, and sports experts at ESPN.

And guess what these elite athletes and you and I have in common? We all need guidance and motivation as to how to hit a baseball better.

“Big-Time Excited”

Some people are gifted to do things. Some people are gifted to teach others how to do things. Jeff Wise is one of those rare persons who can do both.

As a father, Little League coach, and life-long fan of the game, I get big-time excited when I discover resources that help coaches and kids learn how better to play the great sport of Baseball.

Jeff’s personal athletic ability, knowledge, work ethic, and experience combine with his ability to motivate and instruct individuals to achieve results on and off the field.

For clear, effective tips that will help develop knowledge, skills, and love of the game, I recommend Jeff’s material with the utmost confidence.

Gregg Hodge – Florida

“I Recommend Coach Wise’s
Baseball Hitting Tips”

As a coach who has been at the recreational level, the high school level, and the collegiate level for nearly 15 years, I’ve discovered there is one constant that always remains – no matter the sport. “A proper development of the fundamentals is the first key to the development of greatness.”

I have had the privilege of knowing Jeff Wise as a colleague and friend for more than 20 years and there is no one I hold in higher regard when it comes to coaching the sweet science of hitting.

His success as a high school and college player, plus the relationships he has developed in other sports arenas, provides insight and direction that few can match.

I recommend Coach Wise’s Baseball Hitting Tips to any athlete or player – at any level – who wants to improve their play, strengthen their fundamentals and accomplish greatness.

Coach Ben Peacock
Cherokee Christian School – Woodstock, GA

“Hitting is a Difficult Task”

Being a “successful” hitter is such an intricate task. The difference between a line drive into the gap and a popup to an infielder is merely fractions of an inch.

The greatest hitters in baseball history were only successful 1 out of every 3 trips to the plate. Hitting a baseball is by far the most difficult task in all of sports.

Using a round object to hit another round object traveling in excess of 90 mph from just 60 feet away is mind boggling. In a sport where a slump or hitless streak is more common than not, there is only one place to turn to correct yourself … the basics. Jeff Wise was/is a great fundamental hitter.

As a pitcher, I hated to face hitters like Jeff. He has quick hands and excellent balance. Guys like him would constantly foul off your best pitches and wait till you made a mistake and then make you pay for it.

Jeff is full of knowledge from his playing days and career in the sports media market. His love of the sport and passion for teaching the game is unlike any I have ever met. Jeff delivers the tools necessary to begin or improve your own success story.

Mike – Knoxville, TN

“Something For Everyone”

I think Jeff Wise’s “Baseball Hitting Tips” is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn how to hit a baseball or sharpen their hitting skills.

Parents, coaches and seasoned players alike will find a wealth of information that would be a great addition to any baseball player’s toolbox.

I grew up in a baseball-loving family and played for more than 13 years myself, and I can say there was a shocking amount of information I was never exposed to. I can’t wait to try some of it out and will certainly be using it when my daughter is old enough to play.

Jennifer Hinkle – Sugar Hill, GA

Youth Hitting BallI remember my first days playing baseball with my dad and brother in the front yard. Playing catch, taking grounders and my favorite part of baseball, hitting.

I wanted to know how to hit a baseball. I also wanted baseball hitting tips that would help me become the best hitter I could be.

My first all-star team was when I was 10 years old and I made the all-star team through the age of 15.

It was in those early teen years when I really took notice of Major League baseball players and the way they hit the ball.

I am left handed so I naturally gravitated towards batting legends like Tony Gwynn, Wade Boggs, Reggie Jackson and eventually Ken Griffey Jr.

I studied not just how they hit the ball, but everything from their pre-game routines, practice swings and what they were doing when they were just sitting in the dugout.

High school came along and I got to play my dream position at first base and hit anywhere from second through fifth in the lineup.

I absolutely loved hitting! There is nothing like that smooth slow motion feeling of swinging the bat, hitting the ball and watching where it went.

For as long as I live, I will always remember my first homerun, my two grandslams in one week, including a playoff game, and the homerun my senior season that eventually won us the game against a key opponent.

After my playing days I got into a broadcasting career, which naturally took a turn towards sports. I got a job at ESPN where I watched a lot of baseball and even got one of my hitting hero’s autograph, Tony Gwynn.

A friend of mine asked if I would assist in helping his son with the fundamentals of baseball. That first teaching moment is one I will always remember.

No matter what stage of hitting your kids are in, I can without a doubt relate to you and them. I’ve been through every emotion, every mental and mechanical slump that they’ve been through.

I remember the times when I was just learning how to hit. I was standing wrong in the box, holding the bat wrong and I couldn’t hit the ball to save my life!

I’m so thankful that my dad was there and had prior knowledge of hitting skills.

As a dad, you want to be the best father you can be. And if you’re competitive, like most out there, you want your child to be the best.

Yes, you care about your kids and sportsmanship but let’s not fool ourselves. It would feel great to see our kids become all stars and hit a few home runs along the way.

Baseball Home PlateI remember the times when I was just an average hitter. Some of the coaches didn’t have a deep grasp of teaching how to hit a baseball correctly.

They didn’t have all of the information that I’m sharing with you today.

As I grew older, I remember the stretches of up to four or five games where you just couldn’t get a hit.

In the beginning, I knew how to hit a baseball. I just didn’t have all the hitting tips I needed to be great.

I experienced both mechanical and mental hitting slumps. I was frustrated and angry! I practiced like everyone else but I kept popping up or pulling the ball when I shouldn’t have.

Like me at one time … you’ve probably asked yourself:

Where do I start with baseball hitting?

How do I bunt?

How, when and why do I hit the ball to the opposite field?

How do I hit a curveball?

How do I raise my batting average?

When will I hit a home run?

I knew it was important to make the information available to help others find the same success I found in hitting a baseball.

Don’t Send a Player Down The Wrong Path …
Learn How To Hit a Baseball Correctly

I will give you everything you need to get started learning for yourself or teaching others the best hitting techniques.

In my e-book, “Baseball Hitting Tips,” I will hold your hand and show you:

Proper hitting mechanics. Hitting should be and feel natural. Make sure you feel in command at the plate and take a smooth, accurate swing.

The mental game. Hitting is at least 50% mental and you need to know how to master the mental or your good hitting mechanics won’t mean a thing.

Preparing to hit. You’ll learn everything you need to know from choosing the right bat, the grip you should take, what to do in the on deck circle and how to assess different hitting situations.

Your stance. Read how you should set up in the batter’s box, positioning of your upper body, hands and feet.

The swing that never changes. Find out about how to swing the bat properly. How to get your weight going back as a trigger, starting the swing smoothly through the strike zone and the follow through.

With the lessons provided in “Baseball Hitting Tips,” you’ll not only be broadening your kid’s skill levels … you’ll also have lots of fun in the process.

Your kids will also be more prepared to hit the ball before they even get in the batter’s box. While you’re learning, you’ll know these tips will help them:

Improve their mental preparation to hitting

Be able to work the strike zone and be ready to attack each pitch

Know what bat to use, what grip to have and learn how to scout out a pitcher

Have the right stance so they can hit the ball wherever it’s pitched

Start swinging the same no matter what pitch is thrown so they don’t ground out or pop out.

Identify and avoid mental and mechanical slumps

Know and understand all hitting situations so that they can help their team win!

And Much More!!!

Baseball Hitting Tips

Baseball Hitting Tips EbookIf you were to spend all the years I have playing baseball, read all the books on hitting that I’ve read and paid for all the clinics I’ve attended … you could easily
spend over $1,000.00 and more than 500 hours of your time.

Imagine your pride and satisfaction when you help your kids become awesome hitters and they show their new hitting skills to their coach, parent, family and friends. Picture their surprise when they see how you’ve helped your kids accomplish great things!

I’m interested in helping people who are committed to hitting the baseball correctly and learning how to thrive in their hitting careers. So if you’re serious about teaching your kids to become the best hitter possible, then I want to help you.

And that’s why I’ve decided to put a very reasonable price of just $27 on this e-book. That’s just
$0.90 per day for 30 days to learn how to hit a baseball correctly.

It’s enough to prove to me that you’re serious about learning how to hit properly.

Free Bonus when you order today!

Baseball Bat ReviewsBaseball Bat Reviews 2012 (A $27 Value!)

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This baseball bat reviews 2012 guide will help you find the best bat for you. You will also receive free updates as I expand and revise this guide.

I remember how hard it was for me as a player to research and find honest reviews. That’s exactly why I made this guide for you.

Here is what you will learn inside this special report …

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Jeff WiseUnlimited Expert Advice, ABSOLUTELY FREE!
(A $50.00 Value!)

I will personally answer ALL of your questions and concerns about baseball hitting for one month. Any time, night or day, you’ll be able to e-mail me ANY questions you like, whether they’re related to baseball hitting or any other topic in baseball. I guarantee that by the next day you’ll receive a detailed response from me.


“You literally have NOTHING to lose
when you try these strategies!”

1 year guaranteeIf you’re still not 100% sure that these strategies of baseball hitting tips are exactly what you need, let me put you completely at ease with my unconditional guarantee

If you take this first step and claim your copy of “Baseball Hitting Tips” but can’t immediately put the strategies to use, just let me know.

I will INSTANTLY send you an immediate refund … even if it’s a year from today! You even get to keep the free bonuses!

It’s that simple. We’ll also send you lifetime updates!

“Get started learning your baseball hitting tips
in the next five minutes …”

If you’re serious about how to hit a baseball properly, then you really only have one choice. Invest the $27. You’ve literally got NOTHING to lose.

But remember…

the longer you wait, the longer you will be worrying about how to improve your kid’s hitting skills.

So let’s get started.

Remember: If you’re not satisfied with my e-book, just let me know within the next year, pay nothing, and keep the Super Bonus Package — that’s a guarantee gain no matter what you decide.

Priority Order Form

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To your success,

Jeff Wise Signature

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A long list of baseball hitting tips

  • Proper hitting mechanics
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  • Preparing to hit
  • Your stance
  • The swing that never changes

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