How To Grip a Bat For Maximized Hitting

baseball bat gripPart of hitting preparation is how to grip a bat. You want to make sure that you have a firm grip on the bat handle and if I were you I would acquire some decent batting gloves to help you with that grip.

In my opinion, you’re not a tough guy if you hit with no batting gloves. You will find that most major leaguers use batting gloves and they do it for better grip. Depending on what your league will allow, you can even apply rosin or pine tar to the area where you grip the bat for an extra strong feeling.

Step One In How To Grip a Bat

You’ve just got to make sure that you firmly hold the bat. Have you ever held a bat loosely and then hit the ball? Have you experienced that jolting, ringing feeling and pain in your hand for the rest of the night?

I have and what a horrible feeling it is. That is all the more reason to hold onto that bat firmly. The key is to make sure you’re comfortable. You don’t want to hold onto the bat too tightly and you don’t want to hold onto it too loosely.

Your knuckles on your hands should line up between one another with your bottom hand pinky just touching or actually around the knob of the bat if that’s your preference.

Now, if you’re not careful you’ll get blisters. At the beginning of the season, pace yourself with batting practice, even if you use gloves. Don’t spend an hour or more in batting practice every day. Thirty minutes is probably the maximum in the beginning. Over time calluses will develop and will help prevent your hands from tearing up.

How To Grip a Bat For More Control

There is a time when you will need to adjust your grip and that is when you choke up for better bat control. You usually choke up when you have two strikes on you.

This is smart because it shortens and lightens the bat. You can actually guide your bat to the ball easier which is something you need to do sometimes with two strikes, especially if the fastball is coming.

No matter what you think of these two players personally, Ty Cobb and Pete Rose were two awesome hitters and they choked up on the bat often and had thousands of hits. Their stats speak for themselves.

Knowing how to grip a bat is a key component of baseball hitting preparation we need to pay attention to whether we are a player, coach or parent.

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